What type of payments do you accept?

Currently we accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover.  We also allow you to checkout using a PayPal account. 

Customers outside the US can place orders online using a major credit card or by Western Union. Your credit card statement will show a charge from “Aidance Skincare.”

 For customers in the United States that prefer not to make an online transaction, we accept money orders, personal checks and certified bank checks. Please see the section below for details about how to submit these payment options.

How Do I Submit a Money Order or Check?

Personal checks, money orders or certified payments (cashiers' checks) are only accepted from US customers or banks and must be made payable to Aidance Skincare (in U.S. dollars) and sent to:

Aidance Skincare, PO Box 2182, Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895 USA

Please make sure to include your Telephone No. and Shipping Address. Be sure as well to calculate the correct amount. We recommend using the "Buy" page and then printing the "Check Out" page with your total amount and order details.

We also accept Western Union payments. For instructions on how to pay using a Western Union transfer, please contact Customer Support at 1-877-4AIDANCE (877-424-3262) or Customer Support.

Why is my credit card being denied?

If your transaction is denied, please be sure you are entering the correct street address and zip code into the “Bill To” address fields during your checkout. This information must match the information that your credit card company currently has on file for you. Also confirm that you are entering the correct credit card number and security code in the payment fields. For your protection, if this information does not match, Aidance Skincare will cancel the transaction. If you are confident that this information is correct but are still are having problems, try contacting your bank to make sure you have not exceeded your spending limit. Do not attempt an excessive number of transactions if the first and second attempts do not go through. This will cause "pending charges" to appear on your card and Aidance is unable to remove these for you. Call Aidance Skincare customer care for assistance at 1-877-4AIDANCE (877-424-3262). Calls from outside the United States can reach our customer service line by dialing 001-781-989-9586. You can also send an email to Customer Support.

Why is my debit card being denied?

If you experience problems completing your transaction, do not attempt more than two (2) transactions. Double-check that you are entering your billing address, debit card number and security code correctly. Even if our checkout screen states that your transaction has not gone through completely, our system has already made an inquiry to your bank and reserved the funds for the transaction. When you read that the transaction was incomplete, this means that the transaction charge was invalidated. Unfortunately, this may mean that your card's financial institution reserves the transaction amount in your fund for up to 72 hours until the electronic banking network communicates that the transaction was invalidated. Rest assured - we do not receive these funds- they have not left your bank account. They will become available to you again within three days.

In the unlikely scenario that your bank holds these funds for longer than 72 hours, contact Aidance Skincare immediately at 1-877-4AIDANCE (877-424-3262). Calls from outside the United States can reach our customer service line by dialing 001-781-989-9586. We can work with your bank to prove that the sale was cancelled so that those funds are made available to you.

Why has my card been charged before I have received my order?

To keep pace with the volume of orders we receive, we need to receive payments immediately after you place your order. Payments are pre-authorized when you checkout and charged when your item is shipped.

Since our commitment is to fill your order within 24 hours (on business days), unless otherwise noted, this delay between transaction and product delivery is very rarely an issue for customers. For U.S. customers who are uncomfortable with this policy, we accept money orders and bank checks from major national banks and institutions.

Refund Policy -- Where do I return product for a refund?

If, within 90-days after receiving a product from Aidance, you are dissatisfied with our product(s), click here to begin your return process, or call Aidance Skincare at 1-877-4AIDANCE (877-424-3262). You will promptly receive an email with instructions on how to return your product to Aidance's offices.

Refunds start being processed on the day that we receive your unwanted product, and take up to 10 business days to be completed. You can expect to see the refunded amount credited to your account (with which you made your purchase) within 14 days. Refunded amount equals the original price of your purchased product and does not include shipping fees. If you redeemed a promotion for free shipping, the cost of said shipping will be deducted from your refund amount. If you participated in our "Buy 2 get 1 FREE" promotion and decide to return all three products, your account will only be credited for the 2 products that were paid for.

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