All-Natural Terrasil Wound Care

Faster Venous & Arterial Ulcers Treatment

  • More than 3X the bacteria-fighting power of other products* to stop the germs that delay venous ulcers from healing
  • Relieves redness, swelling, and pain
  • Customer report relief within 1 to 7 days‡
  • Designed for easy, at-home use: no complicated therapies or procedures
  • 90-day, risk-free guarantee
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Terrasil Wound Care
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  • Terrasil Wound Care: A Uniquely Effective Natural Formulation

    Terrasil Wound Care is an advanced all-in-one wound treatment system in a jar. This powerful new FDA-registered formula combines the latest science with the finest organic and natural ingredients for superior results.

    1. Soothing Natural Moisturizers Penetrate Deeply, Providing Multiple Benefits to Damaged Skin

      • Jojoba Oil is one of the world's most nutrient-rich and long-lasting moisturizers. The unique consistency of jojoba oil allows Terrasil to penetrate deeply in order to quickly deliver treatment to every layer of skin. It also has strong properties that soothe the skin, as well as documented ability to repair cracked skin.
      • Peppermint Oil has been used for centuries to naturally relieve skin soreness, discomfort and itch.
      • Tea Tree Oil has natural cicatrizant properties, meaning that it may support tissue development.
      • Sage oil soothes and helps speed the removal of toxins through perspiration.
      • Beeswax contains Vitamin A, which is known to condition skin and support cell reconstruction.
    2. FDA-Approved Active Ingredients Protect Damaged Skin & Kill Bacteria to Reduce The Risk of Infection

      Terrasil Wound Care features a powerful antiseptic (bacteria-fighting) ingredient, as well as a soothing skin protectant. Together, they form the ultimate barrier against infection, which is the biggest cause of delayed healing in wounds.

    3. Patented Activated Minerals™ Facilitate Faster, Directed Delivery of Active Ingredients

      Terrasil is the only Wound Care product available that uses patented Activated Minerals, a unique blend of Zinc Oxide and Magnesium Oxide. This technology was developed to facilitate faster, directed delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients to significantly enhance their performance. In addition to their drug delivery properties, each of the ingredients that comprise Activated Minerals have specific skin care benefits.

      • Terrasil's natural formulation is free from unnecessary chemicals, artificial scents, parabens and potentially harmful preservatives.
      • How does Aidance define "natural?" Click here.
      • Do you have highly sensitive skin? We welcome you to explore our full list of ingredients and potential side effects. Click here.

    People Worldwide Trust Terrasil

    Aidance provides skincare solutions to customers in 150 countries and we’re pleased to share their positive feedback. Although we offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, less than 3% of customers request refunds. (Statistic is based on the average return rate for all products over a seven-year period.)

  • Venous & Arterial Ulcers: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

    Venous and Arterial Ulcers are breaks in the skin that occur in the lower legs and foot area. Leg ulcers are typically classified as either arterial ulcers, meaning that they’re caused by poor circulation of blood among the body’s arterial system, or venous ulcers, meaning that they’re caused by a venous insufficiency. Arteries are responsible for carrying blood to the body’s tissues. This activity provides oxygen and nutrients that are essential for skin health. When arterial circulation is compromised (often by diabetes, obesity, thrombosis or heart disease), tissues weaken and break down, creating shallow, open sores on the skin’s surface. Arterial ulcers are usually located on the feet, specifically on the heels, tips of toes, between the toes or anywhere the foot’s bones may create friction, such as against a shoe. Arterial ulcers can also develop in the nail bed if a toenail cuts into the skin or if the skin is punctured by nail clippers. The base of an arterial ulcer has a yellow, brown, gray or blackened color, and rarely bleeds. The borders of the ulcer and surrounding skin may appear raised and scaly, especially in the case of an infection. Additionally, the skin may be persistently cold, hairless and have a whitish-blue hue.

    Throughout the body, veins have one-way valves that keep blood flowing toward the heart. When these valves are compromised or blocked (venous insufficiency), blood pools up, leaking out into the surrounding tissue and weakening the skin. Venous ulcers usually develop on the sides of the lower leg and above the ankle. The affected skin will appear dark red or purple, and have a thick, dry or scaly texture. Increased skin pressure will make the area sore, achey and, in some cases, itchy.

    Without healthy blood flow, ulcerated skin lacks the nutrients and infection-fighting white blood cells it needs to heal. Terrasil Wound Care protects ulcerated skin and guards against bacterial infection. Applying Terrasil will soothe ulcer inflammation and speed healing. The following chart shows how the germ-fighting capability of Terrasil Wound Care outshines the competition:

    Wound Care Chart
  • Customer Reviews*

    *Results may vary.

  • Before & After Wound Healing Photos

    Below are a series of clinical cases submitted by physicians and nurses at hospitals, wound care centers and medical offices across the US.

    Day 1

    Ulcer before

    Wound Description:

    Diabetic Foot Ulcer 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.1 cm on Left Plantar Foot with 100% Red Granulation Tissue. Photo is post-debridement.


    The patient had the wound for 9 months before starting the Terrasil treatment. Previous treatment included silver alginate dressing and offloading of foot.

    Day 7

    Ulcer After

    Terrasil Treatment:

    Patient self-applied ointment 1X/day.


    After 1 week wound was 100% closed.

    Concurrent Therapy:

    Dry dressing and offloading.

    Submitter Comment:

    Approximately 2X faster than other treatment options. Patient was very pleased with the product and healing results.

    Day 1

    Ulcer before

    Wound Description:

    Chronic Foot Ulcer.


    Customer reported having the ulcer for 4 years.

    Day 14

    Ulcer After

    Terrasil Treatment:

    Customer self-applied ointment.


    After 2 weeks of treatment, the wound was 100% closed.

  • Medical Studies

    Terrasil Infection-Control Wound Care Ointment guards against bacterial infection and reduces inflammation and discomfort. Doctors have tested Terrasil on even the most difficult-to-heal wounds, and have reported excellent results, as seen in the following video:

    Clinical studies for Terrasil Infection-Control Wound Care Ointment in 2010 and 2011 with 192 patients showed that the ointment was able to heal chronic wounds up to 3.7-times (370%) faster than conventional treatment.

    Wound Care Expert Dr. Thomas Serena, MD initiated a multi-center case study program to document Terrasil’s ability to heal diabetic foot ulcers faster. Physicians and nurses at hospitals, wound care centers and medical offices across the U.S. have demonstrated the powerful efficacy of Terrasil Infection-Control Wound Care Ointment to control bioburden and support healing 2-4 times faster than comparative treatment options.

    Antimicrobial Comparison

    Antimicrobial Study

    Study: An in-vitro study with bacteria (Staph aureus) to determine the kill rate of the Terrasil Infection-Control Wound Care compared to Bacitracin and Triple Antibiotic Ointment.

    Results: After 40 minutes, Terrasil Infection-Control Wound Care Ointment eliminated all but 2.4% of the bacteria, compared to Bacitracin that left 22.0% of the bacteria surviving and the Triple Antibiotic Ointment that left 51.2% surviving. Terrasil, therefore, was 9X more efficient than the Bacitracin and 21X more efficient than the Triple Antibiotic, for an average differential of 15X.

    Clinical Implications: The clinical implications for this in-vitro study are important. If the Terrasil Infection-Control Wound Care Ointment kills microbes as efficiently as shown in the graph, it may provide an insight into the ability of Terrasil to support faster healing.

  • How to Apply Terrasil Wound Care

    • Wash and gently dry the affected area, being careful not to cause unnecessary friction or irritation.
    • Apply a generous layer of Terrasil Wound Care directly onto the affected area.
    • Cover the area with a clean gauze or bandage.
    • Repeat application 2-3 times daily until the skin improves.
    • Terrasil can be used at any stage of the healing process, and is safe for sensitive skin.
    • Feedback shows that most customers experience visibly healthier skin within 48 hours.*

Dr. Recommendations

Dr. Recommendations

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Ingredient Information & General Precautions for Terrasil Wound Care

Active Ingredients: Calendula 1X HPUS as a healing agent and Thuja Occidentalis 6X HPUS for skin eruption relief.
MAX Strength: Calendula 1X HPUS as a healing agent, Symphytum Officinale (Comfrey) 1X HPUS for Inflammatory Relief, Thuja Occidentalis 6X HPUS for skin eruption relief.
Inactive Ingredients: (organic) beeswax, bentonite (mineral clay), magnesium oxide, peppermint oil, sage oil, silver oxide, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba seed oil) / cotton seed oil, tea tree oil, zinc oxide

General Precautions

This product is formulated for external (topical) use only, and is not meant to be ingested. If for any reason, your condition worsens while using this product, we recommend that you discontinue use and visit a doctor. Not recommended for use on deep or puncture wounds, animal bites or serious burns.

How Does Aidance Define All-Natural?

Aidance products meet the guidelines of the Natural Products Association Standard for Personal Care Products, which requires that for a product to be deemed “natural” it must be made with at least 95% natural ingredients. Terrasil’s unique blend (99.4%) of organic, vitamin-rich moisturizers, minerals and plant extracts provide soothing relief while regenerating damaged skin. Our formulations have been meticulously balanced to offer skin relief and repair, and to be safe for sensitive skin.

We encourage you to visit our page of scientific studies to learn about the efficacy of our ingredients and their ability to support the natural healing process.