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Pilonidal Cysts

Pilonidal Cysts (pilonidal abscesses) are large boil-like bumps that develop at the base of the tailbone. Bumps are initially swollen and painful, and cause redness in the surrounding skin. Over time, cysts fill with pus and become even more irritated.

There are various beliefs regarding the cause of pilonidal cysts. Some doctors confirm they are caused by a hair follicle infection, as hairs are often found inside a cyst after draining. Other doctors list pilonidal cysts as side effects of minor skin trauma and puncture wounds. For unknown reasons, pilonidal cysts are more common in men, and tend to occur in people aged 40 and under. The main goals of treatment are to relieve pressure from the abscess and manage the risk of infection.

Terrasil Wound Care guards against infection-causing bacteria while promoting healing. Terrasil also soothes redness and inflammation, which can help the cyst/abscess to drain.

terrasil Infection-Protection Wound Care Ointment

terrasil wound care 14 Gram Tube $24.00
  • More than 3X the bacteria-fighting power of other products* to stop the germs that delay pilonidal cysts from healing
  • Relieves inflammation, redness, and discomfort
  • Doctor recommended
  • Improvement within 1 to 2 Days‡
  • FDA-registered remedy
  • 90-day, risk-free guarantee

Expected product performance is based on customer experiences, as stated in customer feedback submitted over a seven-year period (as of September 4, 2012). The most reported period of time to see improvement is 2 days. Treatment times vary based on the user's overall health, the age and size of the wound, and the severity of any existing infection. * Based on bacterial viability assay testing performed using a Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur™. Products tested were Bacitracin and triple antibiotic ointment.

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