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Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes red inflamed patches on the face, and in some cases small, red pus-like bumps. These bumps most resemble acne, appearing on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. It also causes people to flush or blush easily. For most, rosacea is a cyclical condition, with symptoms flaring up for a series of weeks or months, diminishing for a period of time before reappearing. Rosacea typically affects those ages 30 to 60, and is more common in women.

The cause is unknown, but medical professionals commonly attribute the condition to environmental and hereditary factors. A series of triggers seem to aggravate rosacea, making it more noticeable by increasing blood flow to the skin. Among these are sunlight, hot drinks, spicy foods, temperature extremes such as saunas or hot baths, emotional stress, strenuous exercise and blood pressure medications. Rosacea does not have a cure and worsens when left untreated. If you see symptoms of this condition, visit a medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment. Do not attempt to self-diagnose.

Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain Relief's powerful, all-natural formulation clears redness and corrects recurring symptoms.

terrasil Itch, Rash and Pain Relief

terrasil itch, rash and pain relief 14 Gram Tube $20.95
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* Expected product performance is based on customer experiences, as stated in customer feedback submitted over a seven-year period (as of September 4, 2012). The most reported period of time to see improvement is one day.

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