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Prurigo Nodularis

Prurigo Nodularis is a long-lasting skin condition that causes hard, crusted lumps which are extremely itchy. The itchy sensation is particularly bothersome at night. Prurigo nodularis is most common in those ages 20-60, where groupings of a few or dozens of bumps may present. The bumps typically appear on arms and legs first, and may spread to other areas in time. They are often firm, dry and rough in appearance, with dry skin between nodules. Bumps tend to be 1 to 3 cm. in diameter, and crust and scale over after persistent scratching. Old lesions may appear darker than surrounding skin and occasionally leave scars.

There is no known cause for the condition, though it is more prevalent in those with a family history of atopic dermatitis, asthma and hay fever. Certain nervous and mental conditions, and poor liver or kidney function are thought to trigger prurigo nodularis. The condition is considered resistent and there is no cure. Should you suspect you have prurigo nodularis, consult a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment. Do not attempt to self-diagnose.

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