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Pompholyx, also known as dyshidrotic eczema, vesicular eczema or dyshidrosis, is a common skin condition that affects the hands and feet. Symptoms generally progress over the course of a few weeks. A rash of tiny, itchy blisters, or vesicles, appears on the palms, fingers, instep or toes. This may be accompanied by peeling, cracks, scales and a burning sensation, depending on the severity of the case. As symptoms advance, blisters grow and burst, forming crusts over the skin. These crusts, or fissures, can be tender or painful. If pompholyx occurs around the nail folds, it can cause chronic swelling under the nail, irregular nail growth and ridges along the nailbed.

Although there is no specific cause of pompholyx, it tends to present after periods of extreme stress. Also, symptoms are more likely in people with regular allergies, those with regular contact with chromium, cobalt or nickel, or whose hands are often in water. Managing stress and avoiding exposure to such metals is recommended in preventing the condition.

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