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Palmoplantar Pustulosis

Palmoplantar Pustulosis

Palmoplantar Pustulosis, also known as PPP or pustular psoriasis, is a persistent skin condition that appears on the palms and soles. Symptoms present as a grouping of pustules surrounded by thickened, scaly, red skin. In time, they turn brown, peel and crust over. The rash may be so severe and drying that painful cracks or fissures develop on the skin. It is most common in fleshy areas, such as the sides of the heels and base of the thumb. Outbreaks vary in frequency and there are no precise triggers or causes of remission. There is no proven cause of palmoplantar pustulosis. It can be hereditary, generally occurring after adulthood. PPP is thought to be autoimmune disorder, meaning that it erupts as an allergic reaction that the body has to itself. Studies show that it is more common in current and past smokers.

There is no cure for this condition. Treatments are considered successful when they can minimize the discomfort of symptoms and moisturize thick, scaly areas in order to deter cracking. In addition to using an intensive emollient, it is suggested that sufferers of palmoplantar pustulosis choose comfortable footwear that minimizes friction on this area. Pressure and rubbing tends to worsen the condition. Should you suspect you have PPP, seek professional medical advice for a diagnosis and proper course of treatment. Do not attempt to self-diagnose.

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