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Miliaria, also known as prickly heat or sweat rash, is a red or pink spotty rash developing when sweat ducts become blocked and inflamed. It may be accompanied by fluid-filled blisters. Miliaria is often itchy and uncomfortable, and is most common in infants. It may also affect adults, particularly in humid climates. The rash generally appears on the head, neck, shoulders and chest in infants. In adults, it presents in any fold of skin or place where clothing causes friction. Three types of miliaria exist and symptoms vary based on where the sweat ducts are blocked. Miliaria crystallina affects the top layer of skin and presents clear blisters and bumps. Miliaria rubra occurs deep in the outer layer of skin and symptoms include red bumps and an itchy, prickly sensation. Lastly, miliaria profunda affects the deep layer of skin, or dermis, and causes flesh-colored lesions.

The condition may be provoked by humid weather, constricting fabrics and overheating from wearing too many layers of clothing. To prevent heat rash, lightweight clothing is recommended. Keep cool, and keep living spaces well-ventilated. Non-drying, fragrance and dye-free soap is also encouraged.

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