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All-Natural Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain Relief

Rapid Relief from Hailey-Hailey Rash

  • Relieves persistent rash, inflammation & redness
  • Speeds the healing of dry, bumpy skin
  • FDA-registered remedy
  • Improvement in 24 hours for even stubborn symptoms*
  • 90-day, risk-free guarantee
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Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain Relief
  • Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain Relief: A Uniquely Effective Natural Formulation

    Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain Relief Ointment is an advanced all-in-one skin relief system in a jar. This powerful new FDA-registered formula combines the latest science with the finest organic and natural ingredients for superior results.

    1. Natural Moisturizers Penetrate Deeply, Providing Multiple Benefits to Irritated Skin

      • Jojoba Oil is one of the world's most nutrient-rich and long-lasting moisturizers. The unique consistency of jojoba oil allows Terrasil to penetrate deeply into skin in order to quickly deliver much-needed relief to every layer of skin. It also has documented ability to repair cracked skin.
      • Eucalyptus Oil has beneficial properties that help protect irritated skin, and help relieve surface discomfort and swelling.
      • Peppermint Oil has been used for centuries to naturally soothe skin soreness and itch.
      • Beeswax contains Vitamin A, which is known to condition skin and support cell reconstruction.
    2. FDA-Approved Active Ingredient Rapidly Relieves Itch, Rash & Pain

      Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain ointment features a powerful anesthetic (pain-relieving) ingredient, as well as a soothing skin protectant. Together, they rapidly relieve pain and protect skin against infection.

    3. Patented Activated Minerals™ Support Skin Cell Renewal

      Terrasil is the only itch, rash and pain skin treatment available that features patented Activated Minerals, a unique blend of Volcanic Clay (Bentonite), Zinc Oxide and Magnesium Oxide. These powerful, nutrient-rich minerals support the natural production of new, healthy, clear skin. Bentonite absorbs impurities from damaged skin and supports restoration, while Magnesium Oxide boosts collagen synthesis. Zinc Oxide possesses anti-inflammatory and astringent (drying) properties; also essential to the healing process. Activated Minerals work harmoniously to begin repairing skin on contact for rapid relief and incredible results.

      • Terrasil's natural formulation is free from unnecessary chemicals, artificial scents, parabens and potentially harmful preservatives.
      • How does Aidance define "natural?" Click here.
      • Do you have highly sensitive skin? We welcome you to explore our full list of ingredients and potential side effects. Click here.

    People Worldwide Trust Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain Relief

    Aidance provides skincare solutions to customers in 150 countries and we’re pleased to share their positive feedback. Although we offer a 90-day, risk-free guarantee, less than 3% of customers request refunds. (Statistic is based on the average return rate for all products over a seven-year period.)

  • Hailey-Hailey Disease: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

    Hailey-Hailey Disease, also known as familial benign chronic pemphigus or HHD, is a rare skin condition that produces severe rash on the folds of the skin. Such areas include the armpits, groin area, neck and under the breasts. Intense itching is often associated, causing extreme discomfort. Generally, Hailey-Hailey symptoms develop around the age of 30. They may have the following progression: a painful rash; blistered bumpy skin; a bursting of skin bumps that dry and begin healing in the form of crusty lesions (lesions tend to have a ring-like appearance with a clear center); and finally, extreme dryness that can present as skin cracks or fissures.

    Hailey-Hailey Disease is a genetic condition in which an affected parent has a 50% chance of passing it on to children. It is also possible for cases to arise sporadically in those without family history of the condition. Sufferers are advised to avoid outbreak triggers such as sunburn, sweating and friction of the skin folds. Lightweight, breathable clothing is also recommended. There is no known cure for Hailey-Hailey Disease and symptoms may vary greatly between individuals. Do not attempt to self-diagnose your condition. Consult a physician on how to best manage your symptoms.

    Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain Relief's powerful formulation provides gentle, all-natural relief from painful rash and begins to soothe Hailey-Hailey-damaged skin on contact. 

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    *Results may vary.

  • How to Apply Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain Relief

    • Wash and gently dry the affected area, being careful not to cause unnecessary friction or irritation.
    • Apply a thin layer of Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain Relief directly onto the affected area.
    • Cover the area with a clean gauze or bandage.
    • Repeat application 2-3 times daily until the skin improves.
    • Feedback shows that most customers experience visibly healthier skin within 24 hours.*

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How Does Aidance Define All-Natural?

Aidance products meet the guidelines of the Natural Products Association Standard for Personal Care Products, which requires that for a product to be deemed “natural” it must be made with at least 95% natural ingredients. Terrasil’s unique blend (99.4%) of organic, vitamin-rich moisturizers, minerals and plant extracts provide soothing relief while regenerating damaged skin. Our formulations have been meticulously balanced to offer skin relief and repair, and to be safe for sensitive skin.

We encourage you to visit our page of scientific studies to learn about the efficacy of our ingredients and their ability to support the natural healing process.