Suffering from Yellow Toenails?

Have you ever noticed a small white or yellow spot under your nails? Sometimes this indicates the early stages of developing of nail fungus. Its important to notice and treat the symptoms of this fungus early to prevent its growth. Nail fungus in its late stage could severely damage your nails, causing them to discolor, thicken, and crumble. To prevent infection you should know where to find the fungus, and the people it effects most.

Public areas with trapped moisture, are the most common places you run the risk of contracting nail fungus. Prevent nail fungus by wearing shower shoes when you visit public indoor pools or use the showers at the gym. Also, be cautious if you have a cut or broken nail, this gives bacteria a better opportunity to enter through the opening and infect the nail.

If you do contract fungus on your toe nails it may spread, and infect the skin around nails, and between the toes, this creates athlete’s foot. To stop the symptoms of athlete’s foot, wash your feet using anti-fungal soap, make sure they are completely dry after your shower, and change your socks daily.

The elderly and people with compromised immune systems are at a high risk for developing nail fungus. Someone with an autoimmune disease, or their caretaker should be vigilant to recognize the symptoms, and treat promptly with an anti-fungal treatment to minimize severity.

Nail fungus is only slightly contagious from person to person, and would take repeated, sustained contact for the fungus to be contract from someone else.

The best tool to fend off the symptoms and bacteria of nail fungus is to use an anti-fungal treatment, like Terrasil Foot and Nail Anti-fungal Ointment alongside Terrasil Anti-fungal Medicated Cleansing Bar. In most cases, nail fungus can be treated without a physician. If symptoms worsen beyond control, see your doctor to prevent any further complications from nail fungus.

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