Is it a yeast infection?

Extreme itchiness in and around the vagina may be the first sign of a yeast infection. This discomfort can make it tough to focus on daily tasks or even fall asleep at night. Generally, you just won’t feel like yourself, and the symptoms can make life pretty frustrating. Learn the four signs that may indicate a potential yeast infection.


#1) Burning and redness of vagina and vulva


The burning feeling that comes with a yeast infection is accompanied by visible redness and inflammation of the vulva and labia.


#2) Thick, white vaginal discharge


This discharge may be clear or white. Unlike other vaginal infections, the discharge of a yeast infection does NOT usually present an odor.


#3) Pain during sex, and while peeing


If you are struggling with the inflammation from a yeast infection, urine and sex will only make the symptoms feel worse.


#4) Tenderness, soreness, and rash


Persistent itch within and around the vaginal opening is usually the first sign. When the itch persists, a rash can spread and irritate the labia and even the anus.


Keep in mind, you may not experience all of these horrible symptoms when you have a yeast infection. Sexually transmitted infections can also resemble the symptoms of a yeast infection. If you have any doubts in your mind, always contact a medical professional for a certain diagnosis.

If you’re feeling not so hot down there, or too hot like burning, try Femmesil Cream. Our formula is a good place to start for soothing, all-natural comfort from symptoms. Doctors see yeast infections all the time. To address further concerns relating to vaginal health, speak with a medical professional or gynecologist that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

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