Spotlight: Terrasil Wound Care for Chronic Wounds

Terrasil Wound Care heals up to 3.7x faster and kills bacteria up to 21x faster than conventional treatments.

Terrasil Wound Care

You may already know that Terrasil takes the cake when it comes to fighting infection and killing bacteria – essentials to proper wound care.

Wound Care Studies

A recent in vitro study showed that after 40 minutes, Terrasil Wound Care eliminated all but 2.4% of the Staph aureus bacteria, compared to Bacitracin that left 22.0% of the bacteria surviving and the Triple Antibiotic ointment that left 51.2% surviving. Terrasil, therefore, was 9X more efficient than the Bacitracin and 21X more efficient than the triple antibiotic.

Terrasil Wound Care in Wound Care Clinics

Wound Care Testimonials

Here’s a great example of the healing power, from Jordan Ely, a member of our Facebook community, on June 21:

“Wound care, in my opinion, is the only thing that should be used for lower leg ulcers caused by chronic venous insufficiency. After having an open wound for nearly two years that got progressively worse, even after every trick a wound ostomy clinic had to offer, I tried terrasil Max (this was before wound care came out) out of desperation. I packed the wound with terrasil every morning and evening, covered with gauze and put a compression wrap from my foot to just below my knee. The pain was soothed immediately, and about two months later, the wound was healed. It opened up again a couple years later (not uncommon); I used wound care and the wound closed in less than a month! I’m glad to see your product is being recognized, and more importantly, utilized by the Western medical community.”

Wound Care in Hospitals

Customers love it, but what may surprise you to know is that medical professionals do, too! It’s also being introduced in hospitals and wound care clinics across the country to treat everything from chronic wounds and diabetic ulcers to pressure sores and more.

Top wound care expert Dr. Thomas Serena, MD was so impressed with the ointment’s effectiveness that he initiated a multi-center case study program to document its ability to heal diabetic foot ulcers faster. The treatment is becoming more and more popular in wound care clinics.

Dr. Jeffrey Niezgoda, MD, a nationally-prominent wound specialist said Terrasil is “easy to use and well tolerated by patients with all types of non-healing wounds and should be considered as a primary topical agent.”

And Podiatric Researched Dr. Brock Liden, DPM said “This ointment provides the doctor with a new tool that is effective against both easy-to-treat wounds and complicated, difficult-to-heal wounds.”

More Wound Care Information

It’s true that Terrasil Wound Care treats even chronic and persistent wounds, but it’s a natural antibiotic that is also appropriate for everyday wounds and skin infections.

Not bad for a locally made, all-natural product!

Terrasil Wound Care for Chronic Wounds

Get the full scoop, including case studies and more physician feedback here.

2 responses to “Spotlight: Terrasil Wound Care for Chronic Wounds”

  1. Sandra E Gresham


    You should list “DECUBITUS” alond with all the different types of problems your products heal. I searched on Google and your company never came up. Pressure sores are the interpretation of “DECUBITUS”, but if a doctor looked for a cream for these particular wounds – they would never find this wonderful product. Please list “DECUBITUS” so my wound Nurse and my Doctor can find this on the internet without me directing them to your website. It makes sense..please!

  2. Bianca Scartabello


    Hello Sandra,

    Thanks for your comment and concern with the term! We have added the keyword “Decubitis” to our Pressure Sores landing page. You can see it here:

    In time, our product may show up for this term!

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