What Are You Thankful For? We’re Thankful For…

November 24th, 2014 | Holiday

With Thanksgiving in just a few days, we figure now would be the appropriate time to share what we are most thankful for this year. At Aidance, we actually have a TON to be thankful for! Allow us to break it down for you…


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#1: First and foremost, our health. After all, we talk about health 90% of the time, right? We are so happy to share health tips, news, and advice with you on our blog. After all, you know how the quote goes… “The greatest wealth is health.”

#2: Our success. Over the past year, we have had much success and growth. From launching new products, such as our soaps and bandages to revamping portions of our website, we have certainly been busy this year. Of course, our success is not much without all of you. Which brings us to our last point…

#3: Last, but certainly not least, we are thankful for all of YOU! Our buyers, readers, subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, G+ circles… every last one of you. We thank you for being supportive and always being there to grab the latest and greatest product. We are honored to provide you with a solution to major and minor skin conditions and we look forward to continually doing so. Whether you are an avid buyer or are always there to “like” our latest post on Facebook, we are truly thankful.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Family? Good friends? A new job? We want to hear you sound off! Leave us a comment here, on Facebook, or tweet us.

We hope that you enjoy a wonderful holiday with your loved ones this week (not to mention indulge in good food!) and look forward to hearing from you come Monday morning!

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