How to Treat a Sunburn

July 30th, 2014 | Burns, Natural Remedies, Seasonal, Sunburn

Ouch! Sometimes, there are consequences to having too much fun in the sun. If you did not lather up good before heading outdoors during the summertime heat, you may suffer a sunburn at the end of the day.

“But I put sunscreen on this morning!”

But did you reapply? All too often, we mean well by lathering up at the beginning of the day, but forget to reapply as the day goes on. If you were splashing around in the water or sweating at any point, your sunscreen was definitely long gone. Even without those activities, sunscreen fades, making it is essential to reapply at least once every 2-3 hours. In any case, you are here now, with a sunburn… and now its time to treat it.

#1: Cool down. Take a quick cool shower or bath to soothe the swelling.

#2: Moisturize. Once you have cooled down, slather on a moisturizing cream or lotion to soothe the skin. Avoid picking or scratching your skin during this time.

#3: Hydrate. Did you know that burns draw fluid away from the body to bring towards the surface of the skin? It’s true and this means you will need to drink EXTRA fluids. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

#4: Turn to Aloe. Aloe Vera can help soothe the skin and keep it cool. It can also reduce itching and stinging. Try it!

The next time you are spending time in the sun, remember to reapply sunscreen to avoid getting burned! You should also remember to wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your head. We want to make sure that you are enjoying the beautiful weather out there – the safe way!

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