The Berry Healthy Benefits of Strawberries

Mmm… nothing better than a fresh strawberry! In light of strawberry season, we think that these power berries deserve the spotlight. Have you gone strawberry picking yet? After ready this list of benefits, we imagine that you will be going VERY soon!

Here are just a few of the main health benefits of strawberries.

  • The phenolic compounds found in strawberries can improve blood vessel function and decrease the chances of blood clotting.
  • Just one bowl of strawberries will provide you with the daily requirement of vitamin C.
  • The Vitamin C in strawberries can help the body repair tissues and produce collagen. Collagen is an important protein that is necessary for the skin to help heal wounds quickly.
  • Spare a couple berries aside and juice them. Strawberry extracts are often used in skin cleansers because it is known to improve complexion, remove impurities, and provide protection against pollution. Dab some juice on a cotton ball and apply to your face. Rinse with water and see the glow!
  • Ellagic acid protects your hair from thinning or falling out. Strawberries are loaded with it!
  • In the same respect, Ellagic Acid has also been proven to have anti-cancer properties, suppressing cancer cell growth.
  • Flavonoids in strawberries can lower the risk of heart disease.
  • Strawberries promote good eye health.
  • Vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium are important for bone health, and strawberries have them all.
  • Low in calories, high in fiber! This means that you get fuller, faster.
  • If you are pregnant, add strawberries to your diet. They contain folic acid, which is essential to protect against neural tube defects in infants.

There is no shortage in health benefits when it comes to consuming strawberries. The best part? It is easy to get at least one serving per day! You can eat them alone, throw them into a smoothie, toss them in a salad, freeze them, dip them in dark chocolate for a little extra indulgence… the possibilities are endless.

So, how will you enjoy a serving of strawberries? Tweet us your favorite recipes!

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