Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment – New Look, Same Formula

March 6th, 2014 | General News, Warts

So you want to get rid of warts quickly and painlessly, without freezing, burning or surgery. You don’t want to talk about them, or to worry about them anymore – you just want them gone so you can move on.

We can help! Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment safely and painlessly removes common warts including facial warts, flat warts and plantar warts, without relying on salicylic acid, which isn’t considered safe for the face.

Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment removes stubborn warts including:

Facial warts
Flat warts
Plantar warts

New Name, Same Powerful Formulation for Wart Removal

Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment is the SAME exact highly effective formulation as Terrasil Wart Treatment – the only difference is in the name, which we updated to let you know that it will remove those stubborn warts. (We can not guarantee results, and results vary from person to person. But if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will happily refund your money back!)

Vist the New Wart Removal Website!

In addition to an updated name, we created a website exclusively for Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment – TerrasilWartRemovalOintment.com. It contains more detailed information on removing warts, our ingredients, customer reviews, doctor recommendations and more. ‘

Natural Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment

So, What Makes Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment Different?

Well, Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment is different than other options because it doesn’t contain salicylic acid, which is not considered a safe ingredient for use on the face. Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment is completely safe for removing facial warts.

Salicylic acid is an FDA-approved active ingredient that is commonly used for wart removal, and is found in many commercial products on the market. Our Terrasil Wart Removal Stick includes salicylic acid, which is appropriate for use on finger warts and warts on the feet, but not the face.

Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment is all-natural, so it’s safe and gentle on all areas of skin. But it’s also powerful. The blend of ingredients, including our patented Activated Minerals™, targets warts and helps to speed removal.

Terrasil is free of harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, dyes or parabens. Terrasil does not contain animal products, with the only exception being ethically produced, organic beeswax as a skin conditioner.

Further, our packaging and all correspondence is completely discreet and confidential. Your privacy is our priority, so we never mention your condition on the packaging or credit card statements. Anytime you’re in touch with our Customer Support team, you can rest assured that your discussion is in full confidence.

So stop worrying about your warts – get Terrasil, get relief and get your confidence back!

We’re here for you on your path to healthier, clearer-looking skin.

Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment - Painless, Natural Wart Removal

Important Notes: Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV. Terrasil can help remove the warts from your skin, but it is not a cure for the wart-causing virus.

6 responses to “Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment – New Look, Same Formula”

  1. I am interested in buying this product but is it safe to use while pregnant and is it safe to use in the entry hole of the vagina?

  2. Bianca Scartabello


    Hello Ana,

    With your pregnancy, we would advise you to speak with your medical doctor about this concern before using it. Thank you for writing!


  3. It has been proven to help heal warts and it can also
    promote healthy skin for a lot of people. When you have warts on your nose it is impossible to
    hide them. Treatment of warts can be done
    by various ways such as surgical procedures, medicinal drugs and traditional home
    remedies. Castor oil has a component that irritates the warts to the
    point where after a period of time, it will
    dry up and fall off.

  4. Marie chu


    Hi, I would like to ask if terrasil is safe for vagina?

  5. hi,i have a warts on the tip of my nose,is this products is safe to used.? thanks.
    where should i buy that?

  6. Bianca Scartabello



    Yes, Terrasil Wart Removal Ointment is safe for facial warts. You can buy this product here: http://www.terrasilwartremovalointment.com/Product-Info/

    Thank you!

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