Take Care of You: It’ll All Be Perfect No Matter What

December 13th, 2011 | Self Improvement


\ˈhä-lə-ˌdā, British usually ˈhä-lə-dē\

1. a day on which one is exempt from work

2. a period of exemption or relief

Our final lesson on how to Take Care of You is simple: Be realistic with your expectations. It’ll be perfect no matter what.

Remember that this is when you get to spend extra amounts of time relaxing and having fun with your loved ones — not stressing about how you’re going to find the latest Zhu-Zhu or getting the mashed potatoes to the right consistency.

Relax. You never hear people say, “It was so incredible when I got that Spiderman 3 DVD last year!” You hear, “I had so much fun last year! I can’t wait to see you again.”

We remember the people we spend holidays with. Not the gifts or the silverware. Whatever you have planned this year, it’s going to be perfect and your family and friends will love you.

Tips from Aidance Fans

“Yankee swap party!” — Michelle

“Stress management through the holidays = managing your expectations. Don’t dream about getting big, expensive presents, impressing everyone with a fancy dinner, or stress yourself out by setting an unrealistic Christmas budget you can’t afford. This is a tough economy! So many people get depressed or disappointed around the holidays. I think it’s a time better spent being thankful for the $0 things we have in life.” — Maddy

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