Take Care of You: There’s No Need for All That Booze

December 9th, 2011 | Nutrition and Health

Drink (only a little) and be merry!

As you may know, alcohol is all calories with no nutritional value. Like most things, it primarily becomes an unhealthy choice when you have too much. It won’t quench your thirst, it’s expensive and it can leave you feeling tired and hungover — these are the last things you need during the holidays.

Tips to Stay Healthy at Parties

We’re not saying don’t drink at all. Just think twice before you pour another glass. If you’re at a party and feel the need to drink, alternate between water and alcohol to ensure you stay hydrated. This will keep your from drinking too much and help prevent hangovers (and making any silly, drunken mistakes).

Common alcoholic beverages, average calories:

12 oz Light beer, 110 calories

1 oz Vodka, gin, rum, 65 calories

4 oz Red wine, 80 calories

4 oz White win, 75 calories

4 oz Sweet wine, 105 calories

3.5 oz Manhattan, 164 calories

4 oz Margarita, 168 calories

Tips from Aidance Fans

“A lot of us drink too much due to social anxiety at parties, when all we really needed was a drink to hold onto, something to sip instead of staring, and a reason to go to and from the place where drinks are served, to keep us circulating. No need for alcohol to always be in that cup.” — Julie

“My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.” “You better listen to him. He’s in premed” — Animal House

Oops! Best not to take health advice from the movie Animal House.

Leave your tips to reduce stress and stay healthy during the holidays in the comments below or post them on the Aidance Skincare Facebook page!

Stay tuned for more ways to Take Care of You tomorrow!

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