Take Care of You: Be A Kid Again

December 12th, 2011 | Self Improvement

You’ve probably been busy figuring out how to make the holidays perfect for everyone around you. But do you remember what this time of year was like when you were a kid? No worries other than what hill you should go sledding down, or what game you felt like playing with your friends. Secret’s out — you can still do that stuff!

No one ever said that there is suddenly an age at which holidays switch from being fun days off to work-away-from-work.

Spend some time this holiday season appreciating the simple things, doing what you just feel like doing, and getting back in touch with your imagination and creativity. It will feel more refreshing than you would believe — even more than an at-home spa day.

Have fun. Dance in public. Do whatever your inner child has been wishing for you to do all these years. You could have as much fun as the guy in this video.

Tips from Aidance Fans

“Jump on the bed, draw on frosted windows or write a letter in crayon!” — Bre

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