Take a Stand – Moving Throughout the Day is Essential

It’s no secret that keeping it moving as much as possible is important for health and wellness! But now, even a daily workout session at the gym can’t undo the damage of sitting at a desk all day, according to Mayo Clinic Obesity Expert Dr. James Levine. How can we get more exercise health in the office?

“It is almost like sort of owning a really cool sports car and letting it idle all day long. The engine gets gunked up. That’s what happens to our bodies. The body, as we know, simply isn’t built to sit all day,” Levine said, according to “Obesity expert says daily workouts can’t undo damage done from sitting all day” on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams. The metabolism sleeps while fat and cholesterol levels rise.


Healthy Tips for Office Workers

If this is true, then where the heck is the hope for the many of us who sit at a desk for 9 hours a day? Here are some tips for office workers for combating this scary sitting syndrome:

  • Take a walk: At lunchtime, to the furthest restroom from your desk, the long way to your colleague’s office – whatever it may be, make an effort to walk it out.
  • Fidget: Believe it or not, your fidgety coworker has the right idea. Rearrange yourself throughout the day. Prop your legs up, straighten up, and switch it up whenever you feel the need.
  • Invest in a…treadmill desk? If you can swing it, sure! You’ll be burning calories as you work–what a great exercise for office workers!
  • Drink more water: You’ll be making more trips to the restroom by default! Plus, water is the best way to flush toxins from your system, leaving you gloriously breakout free and ready to take on the day.
  • More meetings, less e-mail: Why sit at your desk when you can walk over and give a coworker a message, and get a little exercise while you’re at it?
  • Park further away: You won’t have a choice but to walk further to get into the building. Have to run to your car to retrieve your forgotten lunchbox, or a sweater? Great! You can get those extra steps in along the way.

See, there is hope for us all! How do YOU fit office exercise into your day? Let us know! And remember to aim for 10 minutes of movement an hour, according the Dr. Levine. Sounds doable to us. Speaking of, we’re off for a quick walk. Until next time, fellow 9 to 5-ers!

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