10 Ways to Soothe a Sunburn

August 12th, 2015 | Natural Remedies, Seasonal, Sunburn

Summertime is undoubtable one of the best times of the year. Nothing compares to long days in the sunshine, spending time with family, or enjoy outdoor activities. Everyone can agree, the world is a little more cheerier when the sun is shining. The sun is great, but it comes with consequences. Forgetting to apply, or not applying enough sunblock can lead to a serious sunburn, that can ruin your season, and make you feel cranky and uncomfortable. If you find yourself “feeling the burn” seek relief and try these at-home remedies to calm your skin.

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  1. This is the oldest trick in the book; grab some good old, natural aloe! Apply all-natural aloe vera gel anywhere on your body, it has been used and trusted for centuries to treat sunburns and other ailments.
  2. 1% Hydrocortisone cream will help with the itch, pain, and swelling that come with a sunburn.
  3. Try a cold milk compress. Thats right, soak a small, clean towel in cold milk and hold on the areas that are bothering you. Milk creates a protein film that nourishes and protects the sensitive, burned skin.
  4. A sunburn will throw-off the pH balance of your skin, and it will take time for recovery. To expedite healing; take a tepid bath, with one cup apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar will help balance the skin.
  5. When your skin is burning like crazy- nothing sounds better than feeling cool cucumber slices all over your body! Mash or blend a cucumber straight from the fridge to make a paste to apply to sunburned skin. Cucumbers have natural antioxidants and pain relieving properties.
  6. Tea has so many superpowers, harness the power in a black tea compress. Freshly brewed black tea contains ingredients that help draw-out the burning feeling from a sunburn.
  7. Avoid washing with harsh soaps. Sunburned skin is already dry, and harsh soaps dry the skin further. Use a creamy, fragrance-free soap while you have sunburn to avoid further irritation.
  8. Don’t let your sunburn drive you nuts, instead GO COCONUTS! When applied directly onto the skin, coconut oil is extremely moisturizing. It will remedy the tight feeling that happens with sunburn. Please be aware, it is very messy, and it will stain clothing and sheets.
  9. This next one might have you saying “Whaaaaaaa?”, but trust me! The juice from an old, cold tomato has been said to help people with stinging associated with sunburns. Squeeze the juice right from the tomato onto the skin and relief will be immediate.
  10. Oatmeal not only tastes great, but it is a super-soother for the skin. Draw a lukewarm bath and add a cup of rolled oats to the water. You may start to feel so much better you’ll want a bite of that oatmeal you’re sitting in! No way- that won’t happen, but this bath will stop the itchiness.

The best way to soothe a sunburn is by not getting one in the first place! According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, even experiencing only one blistering sunburn, early in a person’s life, more than doubles that person’s chance of getting melanoma later in life. Melanoma is the most dangerous and deadliest form of skin cancer. So protect yourself and your children today and everyday!

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