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August 7th, 2013 | Natural Remedies, Seasonal, Sunburn

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You know what we’re going to say. You shouldn’t have to deal with bothersome sunburns, because you should be well-protected by the sunscreen you faithfully apply…right?

Well, it’s the truth! The best way to avoid the redness, irritation, itch and dry skin that’s associated with sunburn is to prevent yourself from getting one in the first place.

But let’s get real. Sunscreen can wear off or fall short, and the sun’s rays can be stronger than you think. Maybe you need stronger coverage. Maybe you went on a road trip and didn’t consider the sun pouring through the windows as tanning time.

Whatever the reason, occasionally, sunburn happens – we get it!

Fortunately, sunburn doesn’t have to stop you. We’ve collected a couple of soothing sunburn home remedies that are quick and easy, to leave you feeling better in no time.

Home Remedy for Sunburn 1: Cucumber & Lemon Juice Solution

Cucumber is naturally cooling, and lemon juice is excellent at helping to repair damaged skin and lock in moisture.

Either ingredient may be applied to the sunburn on its own (although use lemon juice with caution – it may be best to dilute it with some water before applying it to sensitive skin, because it is acidic.)

But we came across this easy, DIY Cucumber & Lemon Juice home sunburn remedy that is certainly worth a try!


  • Crush or blend a cucumber to make a paste
  • Press the paste to extract the juice
  • Combine the cucumber juice with 2 tbsp. lemon juice
  • Apply solution to the sunburn for 15 minutes before rinsing with cool water

Home Remedy for Sunburn 2: Chilled Tomatoes

This home sunburn remedy will cool and calm your irritated skin. Tomatoes help fight inflammation and the experts at Real Beauty suggest keeping a tomato or two in the freezer. When sunburn strikes, puree a tomato and apply it to the affected area for instant relief.

What other home remedies have you come across to help soothe a sunburn? Let us know in the comments!

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