Beach Day Emergency! (GIFs)

July 2nd, 2015 | Skin care, Sunburn

Wow, you made it through. Congratulations. That wasn’t easy.

Winter – that is.

This winter was particularly tough across the county. You’ve dealt with 20-foot snow drifts, you’ve shoveled your car out from an igloo made by a snow-plow, and you’ve actually cried during the weather report.

Wipe those tears. Your prayers have been answered.

Summer is here, in all its glory!

It’s like someone is looking down on you and saying, “You’ve been rewarded – here is my gift to you…enjoy.”

So you grab your friends, your gear, and you hit the beach. Not a care in the world.

It’s so beautiful. So majestic. You can’t even believe a place like this can still exist after this year’s SNOW-POCALAPSE.

After the initial shock has worn-off you’re ready to get down to business.

Shades – check.
Big and obnoxious bright towel – check.
You have full battery on your phone, ipad, and whatever other unnecessary gadget you may need.

Nice! Time to relax.

Swallow me alive, sun and sand.
Oh – how I’ve missed you!


Everything is going well. But you feel you a little warm…

and think maybe it’s time for some sunblock.
You reach in to your bag and feel around.


oh no…

this is not good.

Fear begins to settle in.

You must go on without the protective powers of sunscreen.

Flipping over repeatedly will not save you.

You are well aware of what will happen next…

You know your fate.

Maybe I’ll be ok.
YOLO, right?

Fast forward a few hours…

This will be your best friend for the next week.


Let’s get serious here for a minute…

Keeping your skin safe means protecting it from harmful UV rays. Be savvy about preventing skin cancer, and always wear broad spectrum sunscreen and reapply frequently.

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