Exercise and Skin Care

Exercise and skin care have long been known to be linked: the more you keep your heart pumping and your body moving, the better your skin will look and feel. Now that spring is upon us, people are getting back outside, exercising and helping their skin feel good again. The winter months without sunshine can be hard on skin, but now that it’s starting to warm up, you have no excuse to not be outside soaking it in!

Spring Fitness Ideas

As you head outside this spring, be sure to ease back into the sunshine. Your skin has been deprived of it the last few months and you could get a painful sunburn easily. Wear sunscreen, hats and protective clothing if possible, and limit sun exposure at first.

Here are a few of our favorite spring fitness ideas — ways to get outside and get moving during the next few months!

Skin and Exercise - Spring Fitness Ideas
Aidance employee Kate snapped this shot of her family exploring a New England trail on a spring hike.

Springtime Running

Springtime is one of the best times to get out and run some trails. It’s not too hot during the day, and there’s still enough of a chill to keep you from getting too hot while you run.

Hiking in the Spring

Do you have some beautiful lakes and rivers around where you live? Get out and see them before the tourists pour in this summer! Bring the family, bring a picnic and spend some time in the beautiful outdoors.

Swimming During Springtime

Swimming is a great activity that keeps your entire body engaged. Plus, you can do this year-round if you have a public pool! Be sure to clean well after swimming in a chlorine pool, though—it can dry out your skin quite a bit.

Exercise and Skin Tips

While you’re out enjoying the spring weather, remember your skin…

  • Wear sunscreen if you’re going to be out for a few hours.
  • Take off your makeup before exercising—you don’t want to clog your pores with foundation when you get hot.
  • Wear the right kind of pants when you jog or hike to prevent thigh chafing.
  • Shower or rinse yourself off after exercising to clean off sweat and clear out the pores you opened during exercise.

Now stop reading and go enjoy the great spring weather while you can!

Skin and Exercise - Spring Fitness Ideas
Ben and Eric pass over a natural bridge on a Rhode Island hike.

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