Top 5 Truly Scary Facts (That You Can Do Something About!)

September 30th, 2013 | Fun, Holiday

Top 5 Truly Scary Facts (That You Can Do Something About!)

From the surprising to the downright shocking and terrifying, we bring you our Top 5 Truly Scary Facts, just in time for Halloween! They’re too creepy to keep to yourself.

Facing the facts may scare you, but rest assured, they don’t have to affect you.

Read on…

5. More than 50 million Americans eat at a fast food restaurant daily, the National Restaurant Association reports.

That’s a lot of fries!

4. Eating too many carrots can actually turn your skin orange.

Not Oopma Loompa orange, but Dr. Andrew Weil confirms the fact that skin can take on a yellow or orange tint when carrots are consumed on a regular basis. This is because of the carotenoids, or pigments found in them. It will fade as you cut down on the carrots and mix in other produce.

3. The most common dreams you can have are of falling, or your teeth falling out.

Those don’t sound like very sweet dreams to us, but we’ve all had them! The fact is, both can stem from feeling a loss of control in your life. Reducing your stress level may reduce your chances of having such dreams.

5 Scary Facts - Just in Time for Halloween

Caption: Photo by Reactive Candy

2. Drivers who talk on cell phones are actually more impaired than drunk drivers with blood-alcohol levels exceeding .08, studies from the University of Utah show.

Based on facts like this one, several U.S. states have banned cell phone use in the car altogether. This encourages drivers to be present, and pull over when they need to call or text.

1. A person with little social interaction has the same health risk as an alcoholic, or someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, according to researchers from Brigham Young University.

This is a particularly startling fact. Additionally, the NY Times reports, “Weak social ties are more harmful than not exercising and twice as risky as being obese, the researchers found.” Makes you want to call a friend, doesn’t it?

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