Relieving Your Rosacea

February 1st, 2013 | General News, Nutrition and Health

If you have rosacea, you’re not alone! Public figures with the condition include former President Bill Clinton, actress Cameron Diaz, the late Princess Diana, and singer Mariah Carey. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects an estimated 48 million people worldwide.

Rosacea symptoms include red inflamed patches on the face, and in some cases small bumps resembling acne. For most, rosacea is a cyclical condition, with symptoms flaring up for a series of weeks or months, then diminishing for a period of time before reappearing. Some common triggers include:

Because redness doesn’t necessarily mean rosacea (think sunburn, or the after-effects of too much spicy food!), it’s important to understand your symptoms and their true cause. Get started by taking this quiz to find out what’s REALLY going on with your skin.

Rosacea Relief Resources

Here are some great resources for information on rosacea, how to avoid flare-ups, skin care tips, support groups and much more!

Relief for Rosacea

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