Fashion to Conceal Psoriasis: Floral & Gold

July 30th, 2015 | Fun, Psoriasis

Psoriasis marks the skin with itchy, red, and scaly patches. It can’t get any worse, then a coworker catches a glimpse, and may ask “what’s that?” Even though they are not trying to be rude, explaining the condition starts to feel tiresome. Avoid this situation all together and learn to conceal psoriasis stylishly.

Floral and Gold for Work

Floral and Gold for Work by bykaitlyn featuring a blue dress


Full Coverage Floral

This dress has it all: sleeves past the elbow, full back coverage, and its machine washable- need I say more? You know what I’m talking about psoriasis sisters!

Colorful Tights

Conceal your skin and make a statement. These tights make a bold and sophisticated addition to any wardrobe.

Comfort & Style

Keep your feet happy with these fashionable bright blue flats. These make the perfect pairing for short dresses or skinny jeans.

A Scarf for Every Season

This scarf is lightweight and cashmere. Essentially it will keep you warm when someone turns up the AC at work, but still light enough to wear with a T-shirt in the warmer months.

The Final Touch

Bold gold accessories and a muted bag adds the final touch to this classic and elegant look.

The elements of this outfit work well together or alone, and will always help you feel your best while concealing psoriasis.

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