Preventing Beard Rash

April 14th, 2015 | Skin care

Guys, we all know that beard rash is never a good look. Unfortunately, it can happen so easily! Having to shave the same sensitive spot every couple of days can take a toll on the skin, and may cause irritation.

So, what causes beard rash?

Beard rash is caused by friction between bare skin and facial hair. It can also be caused by an improper shaving routine. It is not only painful, but looks terrible and could cause discomfort and embarrassment for an individual.

How can you prevent beard rash?

#1: First and foremost, moisturize your face. It is important to keep skin moist in order to both heal and prevent beard rash in the future. Dry skin is much more susceptible to irritation. Use a trusted lotion or ointment, such as Terrasil Skin Repair.

#2: Be clean. When washing your face, it is important to be gentle. A gentle scrub is all it takes. Washing too rough could cause further irritation. When drying, always pat your skin dry instead of rubbing.

#3: Use a warm compress to moisturize skin and relieve pain. The heat may also help to open pores that may be blocked.

The most important thing to remember is to give your skin time to heal and recover. If your skin is still irritated, avoid shaving if possible. If shaving is absolutely necessary, it may be a good idea to try an electric razor. Be sure to use a cooling after-shave, too!

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