16 Ways To Have A Better Day

March 4th, 2011 | Self Improvement

Every day I talk to people who feel stressed, anxious, angry, restless and impatient. We linger too long on these feelings. Why do we let negative emotions overwhelm us rather than deciding to change our attitude, think positively and bounce back?

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” — Leo Buscaglia

Have you noticed how one thing going wrong in the morning can make your whole day feel out of whack? You wake up a little late. Your morning routine is all messed up and you don’t have time for breakfast. You race out the door and realize you forgot your keys. You try and make up lost time on the road, but every car on the road seems to be in your way and you just start screaming, giving people the bird and banging your steering wheel. Now you’re carrying this tension and stress throughout your entire day and everything is rubbing you the wrong way.

One negative thought can send you into a downward spiral that can be very hard to get out of if you continue feeding into it. You’re blood pressure rises, you can’t sleep and you have less energy and less motivation. Positive thinking has a reverse effect. Not only can it make your day easier, but research straight from the Mayo Clinic states that positive thinking can lead to increased life span, greater resistance to the common cold, better psychological and physical well-being and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease. It’s also reported that positive thinkers live healthier lifestyles. Optimism leads to more physical activity, a healthier diet, and reduced rates of smoking and alcohol consumption.


Here are some ways I’ve come up with to ensure a brighter day:

Start the Day Off Right. Come up with a mantra that you say to yourself every morning when you wake up. Something like, “Today is a new day. Today will be great. Love today.” can be just what you need to put a positive spin on the rest of your day.

Let It Go. When things go wrong, they’ve already happened. You cannot change them. Relax. Go with it. You can either brush off that you woke up late or you can waste time and energy getting mad and blaming the alarm clock for “not going off”.

Vent. We all have issues and can’t possibly get rid of them all. Start a journal or simply say your problems out loud to yourself. You simply need to get them out of your head so that you can begin to approach them in a rational manner.

Laugh. Simple as that. I always take a few minutes out of my day to find a new, funny video on the Internet.

Listen to Music. Turn up the volume. Dance. Sing. Release that energy. Music is a great reducer of stress. Find the one song that’s always guaranteed to cheer you up and never let it leave your iPod when you change over music.

Hang With Positive People. Simply being around positive supportive people can lead to a healthier, more positive outlook on life for yourself. Negative people will only bring you down.

Go For a Walk. Being outdoors brings you closer to the natural beauty of the world and reminds you to just appreciate what you have around you. Plus, it’s good exercise!

PUPPIES. Play with your pets,visit a shelter or stop by a friend’s with pets and visit them when you need a little pick me up. Animals always have unlimited amounts of love to give.

Maintain Control. No matter what, you always have control of how you’re day goes and how you feel. Don’t blame problems on others. Take responsibility and make things better. The alarm didn’t break in the night, you likely just didn’t set it and you assumed you did because you do it every other night.

Sharing. If a friend e-mails you something heart-warming or funny, don’t just toss it away, bookmark it or share it on Facebook so that you can always go back to it when feeling a little down.

Could Be Worse. Remember to always keep things in perspective. There are a lot of worse things going on in the world. You don’t need to suddenly develop a bleeding heart, but keep in mind that you likely still have control over your daily stresses.

Play a Game. There are roughly 800 gazillion fun games on the Internet and about double that just waiting in your imagination. Don’t be afraid to ask a co-worker to play a game of Go-Fish or whatever the kids are playing these days.

Get High. Go up to a higher floor in your house, building or office and check out that view. Things just look cooler from high up.

Enjoy the Silly Things. What did the teddy bear say when he was offered dessert? No thanks, I’m stuffed! HA

Clear Your Mind. Take a few minutes when your thoughts seem to be going 100 different directions and just turn off your mind. Focus on your natural breathing and give your brain a minute to restart itself.

Love yourself. Compliment others. Smile. People will pick up on your positive energy and it will cause them to feel the same. One nice gesture can entirely brighten a person’s day.


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4 responses to “16 Ways To Have A Better Day”

  1. Absolutely needed and appreciate this enouragement and support right now!

  2. Mister Omega


    You can also add “Eating Healthy Foods” like vegetables, fruits and fish. Especially eating fish that provides you in a great deal of proteins which is helpful for eyes and hairs.

  3. You are wise beyond your years! Very good advice here! Keep up the good work!

  4. I LOVE this site.

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