How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

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Posted on May 17th, 2013 in DIY, Natural Remedies | No comments

How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally - How to Make Skin Glow

We all want healthy, beautiful skin! Breakouts, dry skin, eczema and other common skin issues can feel like roadblocks on the path to our best skin, though there are lots of treatment options available. But once we’ve treated our skin conditions, how do we make skin glow? How to Make Skin Glow Naturally There are many nutrients for skin that can...

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Benefits of Peppermint Oil

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Posted on May 14th, 2013 in Natural Remedies, Nutrition and Health | No comments

Peppermint Oil Benefits- Peppermint Oil for Skin

What is Peppermint Good For? So, what is peppermint good for, anyway? The question should be – what isn’t peppermint good for? It’s all-natural, smells yummy, tastes good and is pretty much good for you, inside and out! It’s also affordable and widely available. Check out the potential side effects section below, but all in all,...

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Spring Allergy Symptoms

Spring Allergies - Spring Allergy Symptoms

Sneezing coughing, sniffing, wheezing, scratching…spring allergies can be the WORST. Allergies make every day to day task harder, and red noses and watering eyes don’t make for a great time out hiking or getting sunshine! What can we do about spring allergy symptoms? Check out our ideas… Nasal Irrigation for Spring Allergies A...

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Investing in Natural Therapies for Autistic Children

Aidance partners with Surfers Healing RI

One in every 88 children in the United States has autism, up 78 percent from 2002 – making it the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S., according to the CDC. There is no cure, and treatments that work wonders for one child may have little impact on another. Still, the calming and therapeutic qualities of the ocean...

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Aidance Has Gone Mobile!

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Aidance Skincare is mobile optimized

We get it. You’re busy. You don’t always have time to sit at the desktop and browse. That’s why we’re proud to announce that our website is now fully optimized for mobile users, no matter the device! Check us out on your iPhone, Android, tablet and more. And rest assured that you can expect the same secure, confidential and convenient...

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5 Wacky Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

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5 Wacky Ways to Keep Cool in Summer

Turning on the AC or taking a quick dip in the pool just doesn’t always seem to cut it as the temperatures climb. We reveal 5 surprising and downright weird ways to beat the heat this spring and summer. Bonus: they’re all natural (and just might save you some money on your energy bill). You might get some funny looks, but trust us –...

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Summer Picnic Giveaway

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Summer Picnic Gift Basket

The days are longer, sun is shining and you’re itching to get outdoors. Plan a picnic with family and friends! Head to your favorite park, the beach, or your own backyard. We’ve got your chance to win a giant picnic tote full of great things to take on your outdoor adventure, valued at $91. Picnic Giveaway Includes: $15 iTunes gift card...

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Are All Cold Sores Herpes?

Are All Cold Sores Herpes? Learn More About Herpes Simplex

Cold sores are pesky bumps that show up around the mouth area — typically on the lip or just under the nose. They stay for longer than a week, are highly contagious and can sometimes be quite painful. But are cold sores herpes? Cold sores ARE caused by herpes — but not in the form we most associate with the word. There are two types of the...

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What is Epilepsy?

What is Epilepsy? Learn More About Seizures & Treatment for Epilepsy

According to the Mayo Clinic, about 2 in 100 people in the United States will experience an unprovoked seizure once in life. Additionally, 65 million people are affected by epilepsy worldwide, the Epilepsy Foundation reports. Epilepsy is a neurological condition that is characterized by recurring seizures. Seizures occur because of abnormal...

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Get Rid of Razor Burn on Legs


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Get Rid of Razor Burn - How to Stop Razor Burn

Alright ladies, we’ve all been there before… Razor burn can be the worst, especially during the spring and summer months, but it’s hard to avoid! Here are some of the best tips we’ve found on how to get rid of razor burn — or better yet, how to avoid it in the first place. How to Avoid Razor Burn Okay, you’re about to...

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