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November 10th, 2014 | FAQ, Natural Remedies, Skin care

At Aidance Skincare, we are proud of our products. We not only believe that these products will help you and yours with major and minor skin conditions, but our own families and friends, as well!

There are few FAQs that we get from time to time… let’s take a look at a few.

What makes your skin products unique?

Our products are the only ones available that feature our patented Activated Minerals. This is a proprietary blend using Volcanic Clay (Bentonite), Mangesium Oxide, Silver Oxide, and Zinc Oxide. What does this mean for you?

Having these nutrient-rich minerals included supports the natural production of new, healthy skin cells. It helps to both repair and reduce the aftermath of scarring.

What are essential oils? They are in ALL your products!

Essential oils have been used for centuries and centuries to help correct skin irregularities, fight infection, and promote skin regeneration. It is a natural way to achieve the results that you seek.

We are proud of our reputation using essential oils. We choose these oils based on their historical and documented abilities to clean, clear, nourish, and repair skin. You may notice that each product uses different essential oils, so always be sure to check the ingredients.

What if I am not satisfied with my experience or the results?

If you are not satisfied with your experience, we are sorry to hear this. We understand that each and every person’s skin is different and that our products may not work on everyone. However, we will say that we are proud to say less than 3% of our customers will return a product.

If you are not happy, we will refund your money. You have a full 90 days (3 months) to return it and request a no-hassle refund. KEEP IN MIND: This is valid for up to six products (including items that are free or discounted due to promotions) per customer per 90-day period. Refund is less shipping and handling, regardless of promotions.

We hope that we have answered your common questions. Remember, if you have another question or concern, you can always e-mail or call our fantastic customer service department. We are so excited to share our products with you and to say that we can help you end suffering skin!

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