Remedies For Dealing With Seasonal Allergies

April 29th, 2011 | Natural Remedies

Spring has sprung! And if you’re not into clichés, then it is now the season of renewal, growth, beauty, and allergies!

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, approximately 40 million Americans are dealing with indoor/outdoor allergens, which includes things like pet dander, pollen, dust, mold, etc.

Sneezing and clogged sinuses may be the only issue for some of you, but allergies can often leave people feeling very sick, itchy and exhausted. Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, has symptoms similar to the flu or a bad cold, and will only go away once you’re no longer exposed to the specific allergens that are affecting you.

Since most seasonal allergies are caused by inhaling pollen or mold, the best thing you can do is reduce your exposure to that particular irritant. Don’t fret; you can accomplish this without locking yourself in a hyperbaric chamber.

Here are a few tips to relieve allergy symptoms so you can enjoy the spring season.

Keep Track Of Pollen Levels: It would be silly to plan a daylong outdoor adventure in a place that has very high pollen levels when you have allergies. Solution: Plan ahead. Check out to find out the 4-day pollen forecast in your area.

Develop A Relationship With The Local Bees: It is believed that regularly consuming locally produced honey can help relieve allergy symptoms. The thought is that the local honey will have been made with the pollen unique to your region, and therefore acts like a vaccine, allowing your body to build a tolerance to the allergens.

Steam Bath: Try boiling water and adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil and inhaling the steam for a few minutes. This should help clear your nasal passages. Direct the steam with a small towel and be sure to keep your face a safe distance from the steam to avoid burns.

Stay Inside This Morning: Pollen is typically at its highest level in the mornings. Try to go outside a little later in the day when the pollen level has gone down.

Avoid Yard Work If You Can: Have someone else in your home who does not have allergies mow the lawn or pull weeds in the garden. If you do it yourself, wear a dust mask that you can get pick up at any home improvement store.

Mowing Tips: When you mow the lawn, a lot of allergens get kicked up into the air around your house. Try mowing the lawn on cooler days and later in the afternoons when the pollen count is lower. Also, keep your windows closed while mowing and a few hours after to limit the amount of allergens being transferred into your home.

No More Clothes Lines: Pollen sticks to clothing and towels quite easily. Hanging your laundry outside is basically like sending a personal invitation to all the pollen outside to royally mess up your day.

Keep Tabs On Your Diet: Spicy food is always good at clearing your sinuses, but there may be certain foods you’ll want to avoid to keep your symptoms under control. Some foods you eat may worsen your allergy symptoms, so keep track of how you react to specific foods when you’re dealing with seasonal allergies. For example, if your allergic to pollen from weeds, consuming banana, melon and chamomile could make symptoms more severe.

HEPA Filter: A high-efficiency particulate air filter can reduce the amount of dust, mold or pollen that may be building up in the air inside your home. Your bedroom is probably the ideal place to have an air filter since you spend long durations of time there.


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  1. Itchy?! An allergy symptom is itchy skin???!! Exhaustion, too??! My goodness! I’ve been so itchy it keeps me awake! I noticed at work today I was just scratching all over…my legs, my hands, my ankles….it’s insane!! Hmmmm…sounds like Benadryl is what I need. Great information here! Thanks a bunch!

  2. i have a very sensitive skin and i get rash and itchy skin before but with the help of skin health products, my skin is improving now. I would like to try things listed here that i havent tried 🙂

    Aden Johns

  3. Bill Leeds


    incredibly valuable knowledge, thank you so much

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    Looking forward to reading more. Great article post. Really Great.

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