Unlock the Therapeutic Power of Music

February 10th, 2011 | Acne, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Self Improvement, Shingles

I hope you all take some time to appreciate the beauty that is music. Whether you bop your head to Billy Joel, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Beethoven or Kanye West, all music has a certain inspirational element infused in it. From the way it creates something from nothing, the manner in which it transfers emotion from one individual to another, and simply the beauty inherent in any melody, music is something all cultures have brought into their lives.

Music is being used in all disciplines of the health care industry. It’s being used to assist in distracting burn patients during therapy and to ease labor pains as an alternative to additional drugs. It’s used during yoga and Pilates for mental focus and clearing the mind. In 2007, a German study found that music therapy for recovering stroke patients helped improve motor skills. Even your heart surgeon is likely listening to music to calm the energy in the room. I’m listening to the Vargo station on Pandora at work and it’s just a nonstop stream of chill-down music. I feel like nothing could get under my skin right now.

A variety of skin conditions, such as rosacea, acne, shingles and psoriasis, are triggered or worsened by stress. Skin is a sensitive ecosystem of its own and can’t afford a constant stressful environment surrounding it. I listen to music all the time — during some of my meditation sessions, when I’m at work, when I’m rock climbing and of course, driving — music not only creates a more inviting, pleasing atmosphere for yourself, it also allows you to appreciate those moments of uninterrupted solitude. There’s even an entire developing field around stress reduction and skin health called psychodermatology.

Music wasn’t something just invented along with the phonograph — it was something heard. We heard the beauty in the birds’ song and in the oceans’ waves, even in softness of the wind blowing. The song I’m listening to now even incorporates chirping crickets in the background. Do you understand where I’m coming from? Everything, even city traffic below a New York City skyline, can be music if you simply take a moment to sit down, listen and appreciate what is has to offer. I mean, have you ever just sat and listened to a rainstorm?

You can level out your blood pressure, improve your heart health, be more productive, and be happier. I could go on forever about the benefits of reduced stress. All this can be achieved by simply taking those moments throughout each day to play your favorite tunes and just breeeeaaathhhh.

Your skin thanks you, kindly.

p.s. The theme song from the Fox medical drama “House”, Teardrop by Massive Attack, just came up on this Pandora channel. Coincidence? Hmm …

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  1. I love Teardrop! That song is awesome. It’s my cooldown music at the gym.

  2. Farrah Hoisl


    Terrific, this information is exactly what I was searching for.

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