Migraine Sufferers Face Stigma

September 13th, 2013 | General News, Nutrition and Health

Migraines are extremely painful headaches which affect nearly 30 million Americans.

They can cause throbbing, light sensitivity, nausea, disorientation and other serious symptoms. They’re often persistent, and can be difficult to manage.

It can be nearly impossible to function as usual when a migraine strikes. Migraine sufferers must often retreat to a dark, quiet space where they can sleep it off. Because of this, they’re considered highly disruptive.

Migraines - News about Chronic Headaches
Photo by Healthline

But according to an article from the National Institutes of Health, people have little emphathy for migraine sufferers, and there’s a stigma surrounding the condition.

Lead researcher Dr. Robert Shapiro, a professor of neurological sciences at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, says “The general attitude is that migraine is not a serious or valid condition.”

A study shows that “those who get migraines have to deal not only with the pain, which can be disabling, but the stigma caused by others who tend to discount the impact of the debilitating headaches.”

This can be attributed in part to a person’s inability to empathize without having suffered an episode of migraine themselves. The article says others might not fully appreciate the unpredictable nature of migraines.

Have you ever had a migraine, or do you know someone who suffers from them? Have they run into the stigma? Let us know in the comments!

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