May is Family Wellness Month

May 12th, 2014 | Fun, Seasonal, Self Improvement

Are you aware of this month being Family Wellness Month? This is a very special month for the simple fact that is affects every single one of us. The beauty of this month is that it can be interpreted and celebrated in a wide variety of ways. For some, this may mean taking time to spend MORE quality time with one another. For others, it may mean evaluating your family’s overall lifestyle (eating habits and physical activity included!) Whichever you choose to focus on, it is certainly important to embrace this observance!

This month, we wanted to point out a few fun activities that may be of interest to you! These are all fantastic ways to spend more time with loved ones. We also stuck a few healthy habits in there, too.

#1: Go for a family bike ride around the neighborhood or local park. The weather is nice and this is a sure way to get those heart rates up!

#2: Have a family game night! There is nothing more fun than having laughs over a popular board game. If you have younger children, make this an educational experience. Choose a game that requires critical thinking.

#3: Volunteer together. Giving back to the community is a wonderful thing, especially when you do so with a loved one. Find a charity or event that speaks to your family and sign up.

#4: Create a new, healthy dish. Most families have those few “staples” when it comes to dinner. Why not try something new? Choose a healthy recipe together, hit the market, and whip it up! Bonus points if you all share the kitchen duties.

#5: Get outside! Garden, do some yard work, go for a family hike, pack up for a picnic, or simply play. Some fresh air will do everyone good.

For more fun, check out these 10 ideas.

Of course, wellness and family time should be a priority year round – there is no reason to wait until May to put in the effort! Think of it as a friendly reminder. Life can get busy, but remember to never let it get too busy that you push aside what really matters the most.

Now, go on and enjoy some family time!

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