5 Wacky Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

May 6th, 2013 | Fun, General News, Seasonal, Uncategorized

Turning on the AC or taking a quick dip in the pool just doesn’t always seem to cut it as the temperatures climb.

We reveal 5 surprising and downright weird ways to beat the heat this spring and summer. Bonus: they’re all natural (and just might save you some money on your energy bill).

You might get some funny looks, but trust us – you’ve got to try them!

Top 5 Weird Ways to Stay Cool

5 Wacky Ways to Keep Cool in Summer

  • 5. Become a shut-in. Close the windows, draw the blinds and shut the curtains….yes, seriously! This keeps much of the sun’s heat outdoors, where it belongs. Make sure to open things back up in the cool evenings and overnight. The airflow will help control temperatures the following day.
  • 4. Back away from the fork. Meals in warmer months should be far lighter, and more frequent. Big meals will slow you down and raise your body temperature, with your metabolic rate increasing to digest the bowl of fettuccine alfredo or greasy burger you just inhaled. (And of course, avoiding hot stove cooking will keep things cooler in your home, too.)
  • 3. Check your pulse. Pulse points like wrists and temples are a hot spot for blood flow. Simply applying some chilly water to these areas gives a quick cool-down for your entire body. Or, chill a couple of used tea bags and use them as cool compresses on your pulse points.
  • 2. Turn up the heat. Hello, habaneros! Eat something super hot to stay super cool. It’ll get you sweating because of the food’s heat and not the weather outside – and sweat is your bodies way of regulating your temperature.
  • 1. Stay minty fresh. Make some peppermint tea and let it chill fully in the fridge. Put it in a spray bottle and mist yourself for an instant cool down. The menthol has a chilling effect, making it a natural way to refresh yourself!

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