Take Care of You: How to Stay Healthy at Parties

December 2nd, 2011 | Self Improvement

With holidays, come parties. Lots of parties. Between your friends, extended family, co-workers and that random Facebook acquaintance from high school, you’ll be up to your ears in cheese platters, sugar cookies and spirits before you know it.

The focus of today’s Take Care of You is to reduce your chances of overindulgence without cutting out any of the fun.

So here are a couple ways we’ve come up with to resist the temptations while still being able to attend the festivities.

1. Don’t go to a party on an empty stomach. That way you’ll feel less inclined to take a permanent seat next to the buffet table.

2. Drink lots of water. This goes for any day of the year, but it’s especially important during these hectic, alcohol-infused weeks. Try alternating between water and alcohol throughout the night if you’re drinking.

3. Use peppermint scented candles or air fresheners. Recent studies have shown that inhaling peppermint effectively suppresses appetite.

4. Only spend time at the parties you really want to go to. If you’re hesitant about the company, you’ll be more likely to spend your time snacking and drinking.

5. Get a game going. Play silly group games like charades or “Would You Rather?” that will distract you from the food, keep you moving and get a good belly laugh out of you (great for the abs).

6. Bring a healthy snack option, such as a veggie platter or an edible fruit arrangement, to break up the sweets.

 Tips from Aidance Fans

“Have some kind of lean protein first, like cottage cheese. If you nibble a little at a party for fun, that’s different that actually filling up on all of those extra-rich foods.” — Julie

“Choose water or diet/light drinks instead of normal juices or sodas. And skip the freaking eggnog that [expletive] will kill you!” — Ali

Leave your tips to reduce stress and stay healthy during the holidays in the comments below or post them on the Aidance Skincare Facebook page!

Stay tuned for more ways to Take Care of You tomorrow!

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