How to Spend Summer Vacation

May 21st, 2013 | Fun, Holiday, Seasonal

Okay, we know, summer vacation may seem like a lifetime away – but now’s the time to start planning your best vacation ever! Whether you’ve got a few months off, or just a few days, maximizing that “YOU” time is the key. (You’ll want to think back and smile when someone asks you to recap “How I Spend My Summer Vacation,” right?)

As if a few days (or weeks) of R&R wasn’t enticing enough, there’s more good news: you don’t have to break your budget to create lasting summertime memories with family and friends. If you prefer to fly solo, that’s always an option, too!

Here are some great ideas for getting out there and enjoying your summer days out – so start planning!

How to Spend Summer Vacation - Summer Holiday
Relaxing by the water in Martha’s Vineyard

Things to Do During Summer Vacation

Go Camping

In your backyard, at a local campground or a park you’ve always wanted to try! There’s nothing like gathering around the campfire and sharing laughs and stories, and summer holiday is the best time to do it. Sleep under the stars, buy or borrow a tent, or load up your camper if you’ve got one. More ideas for your camping excursion:

  • Explore a nature trail or two
  • Go biking or canoeing
  • Get in some reading time
  • Go rock climbing
  • Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it in a scenic spot

Incorporate h2O

…Any way you can! Visit a beach you’re familiar with, or drive to one you’ve always wanted to visit! Or, stop by your local lake. Heck, hop in your neighbor’s pool (with permission, of course!). Make your way to water any way you can to keep cool and have some fun this summer. It’s a great way to kick back and unwind, and tucker out the little ones in the meantime.

Take a Road Trip

Whether your destination is an hour away or a cross-country trek, summer is the perfect time to make your escape. Plan stops along your route to break up longer trips and fit in some additional sightseeing. Want to spice things up if your holidays in the sun will be spent not too far from home? Try some new restaurants or seek out attractions and events that you’ve been meaning to check out.

Find Festivals and Events

Here in Rhode Island, June promises an annual Chowder Festival down by the water that is a must on my summer vacation to do list.

What events are you penciling in? From kite festivals to local farmer’s markets, outdoor concerts to yoga in the park, get out and explore!

Whatever you do, enjoy every second of your summer vacation!

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