How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

May 17th, 2013 | DIY, Natural Remedies

We all want healthy, beautiful skin! Breakouts, dry skin, eczema and other common skin issues can feel like roadblocks on the path to our best skin, though there are lots of treatment options available.

But once we’ve treated our skin conditions, how do we make skin glow?

How to Make Skin Glow Naturally

There are many nutrients for skin that can help you put your best face forward, and a number of easy tips to try! From home remedies for glowing skin to glowing skin recipes and more, we’ll help you learn how to improve your skin complexion naturally!

How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally - How to Make Skin Glow

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Here are a few natural, DIY home remedies to help skin really glow!

  • Moisturize skin with a bit of olive oil.
  • Use lemon juice as a natural astringent and exfoliant to unclog pores and brighten complexion.
  • Rub papaya into skin to remove dead skin cells, help fade any marks and create a natural glow.
  • Make a homemade skin toner with sage or peppermint by mixing 1 tbsp. of the herb with 1 cup of boiling water. Let it cool completely, then dab it on your face as part of your skincare regimen.
  • Drink lots and lots of water, and when you think you’ve had enough, drink some more! This flushes toxins from your system and promotes a healthy glow.
  • Squeeze fresh cranberries and apply the juice directly to your face to promote clear skin.

Food for Glowing Skin

The best diet for glowing skin includes lots of fruit! Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, they promote healthy skin cell production and collagen products to give a youthful appearance.

Glowing Skin Foods - Diet for Glowing Skin

The vitamin A in leafy greens is excellent for improving skin tone and achieving a healthy, natural glow.

Try to incorporate some cottage cheese in your diet – the minerals help fight dryness and improve the texture of flaky skin.

Shellfish and seafood is great food providing a more youthful appearance and glow. Omega-3s improve elasticity and boost skin’s appearance, and zinc helps to prevent breakouts.

Want more ideas for your glowing skin grocery list? Visit

Homemade Face Masks for Glowing Skin

Here are a couple of very simple (and all-natural!) homemade face masks for glowing skin – which will you try?

  • Juice a cucumber, apply it to the face, keep for 15 minutes then wash off well for an instant boost in skin’s appearance.
  • Mix equal parts white and brown sugar with water, and rub mixture gently but liberally on the face for deep exfoliation.
  • Apply mashed banana mixed with milk to your face, and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing your way to brighter skin.
  • Mix one egg white with 1 tbsp of honey and apply it evenly over your face and neck for a healthy, natural glow.

There are many simple, at-home ways to improve skin complexion and give it an instant boost.

Now get glowing!

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