Healthy Skin Forever | What’s it worth to you?

June 17th, 2011 | Psoriasis, Self Improvement, Shingles

A UK survey was recently released about the perceptions people have of teenagers with acne. As I read through it, one part really stuck out to me.

“One in two teenagers would stay off facebook for a year if they could get rid of their acne forever,”

This may not seem like a big sacrifice for a lifetime of acne-free skin, but I can understand what these kids mean (seeing as how 73 percent of teens are on social networks and memories as an adolescent with acne). It got me thinking. What is problem-free skin worth to some people?

Many skin conditions aren’t just cosmetic. Psoriasis can lead to very painful psoriatic arthritis. Shingles is often immensely painful. Some warts can even be so stubborn and painful that some would resort to using a shotgun to finally remove them.

I would give up girl scout cookies and television in a heartbeat for a lifetime of acne-free skin. How about you?.

What sorts of things would you do for a lifetime of relief? Leave your answer in the comments below. Your response could end up in a future video by Aidance Skincare!

2 responses to “Healthy Skin Forever | What’s it worth to you?”

  1. marian williams


    i would give up junk food for life if i could get rid of my Psoriasis –that ive had for 34 years —i hate it beyond words -it has ruined my entire life

  2. Hi Marian. I’m so sorry to hear about your lifelong battle with Psoriasis. I wish you the best in your journey toward healthy skin. Have you been to the National Psoriasis Foundation’s website or Psoriasis Help Organization’s public forum? The forum has huge discussion between Psoriasis sufferers covering all types of topics. Here is the link if you want to check it out. It may provide some insight

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