Healthy Bones

Its not too late, even in adulthood, to take the steps to prevent significant bone loss. By the age of 30, your body will start to lose more bone than it will gain. A person suffering from bone loss is at a higher risk for developing a more serious condition, like osteoporosis, or kyphosis. A balanced diet and regular exercise will benefit anyone, but you may want to take a few extra steps if you are particularly concerned about the health of your bones.


Pack a Yogurt

Yogurt and dairy foods are packed with calcium. Incorporate plenty of calcium rich foods into your diet. Calcium is the most essential mineral in promoting bone health, but it is also essential for proper muscle function, nerve signaling, hormone regulation, and maintaining good blood pressure.

Embrace the Power Couple

Calcium and vitamin D are a powerful pair. To get maximum benefit from the calcium in food or supplements, it is is essential to pair it with vitamin D. Look for foods that are fortified with vitamin D, or try to get 10-15 minutes of sunshine a day. Your body naturally produces vitamin D with exposure to sunlight.

Go Bananas! or Sweet Potato?

Bananas contain potassium, and in a recent study, potassium was found to have the ability to neutralize the acids in your body. An overly acidic diet can be tough on your bones, so keep your diet balanced and your bones strong. Other potassium packed foods include avocados, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, and squash.

Learn your Lineage

Knowing your family history will put your own risk for bone loss into better perspective. Researchers believe that having a family history of bone loss may account for 50-90 percent of your own risk factor for bone loss.

When it comes to preventing osteoporosis and bone loss, its definitely better to start sooner, rather than later. Know your risk factors, and keep a healthy lifestyle- you and your bones will be better because of it!

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