5 Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Who doesn’t enjoy olive oil? Whether you enjoy yours as a salad dressing, a hair therapy, or skin treatment, you are surely reaping a number of health benefits from this natural oil. Let’s count down five together…


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#1: Olive oil is a great skin moisturizer. This is due to the compound linoleic acid. This compound prevents water from evaporating. It also contains a few different antioxidants, which help to neutralize free radicals in the body that could wreak havoc and lead to skin aging and cancer.

#2: Olive oil can help tame your locks. A little can go a long way! Just a dollop of olive oil can be combed through frizzy or dry hair to tame strays and smooth.

#3: Olive oil contains polyphenols. These help to reduce bad cholesterol levels.

#4: Chapped lips? A light coat of olive oil can help heal any damage from rough weather conditions. Apply before going to bed for an overnight treatment.

#5: Olive oil may help lower the risk of coronary heart disease in women, as well as prevent heart attacks in men.

Olive oil can also help to improve your memory, make your arteries more elastic, and treat sunburns. I know we only said five, but there are too many benefits to just stop there! Incorporating olive oil into your daily lifestyle, whether consumption or external use, can have a range of benefits.

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