Halloween Skincare Advice

October 28th, 2011 | Fun, General News

Face painting, extra makeup, candy and cold weather create quite the mess for your skin each Halloween — but no need to worry. Aidance has some tips to ensure your skin doesn’t remain scary after the holiday is over.

Use non-comedogenic face paint and makeup. Most face paint and makeup brands do a very good job at clogging your pores. So if you’re going to spend a few hours with fake blood or alien scales painted on your face, make sure you choose a brand that allows your skin to breath. Look for “non-comedogenic” or “oil-free” on the label.

Test it out first. Test the paint or makeup you’re using on a small patch of skin first to be sure your skin won’t be irritated or have some sort of negative reaction.

Don’t eat all that candy in one night. We know you do it. If you’re not trick-or-treating yourself, after the kids go to bed, you sneak a chocolate bar or seven. Candy may not have a strong effect on the skin, but large amounts of sugar can increase blood pressure, which can irritate the skin, as well as negatively affect collagen levels and cause wrinkles.

Moisturize and stay warm. It’s getting to that time of year when most of us experience increasingly dry skin. If you’re going outside for Halloween, dress appropriately for the weather and moisturize before and after you go out. Your skin hates the cold even more than you do.

Wash your face and brush your teeth. After the celebrations are over, don’t fall asleep with all that makeup and gunk on your face. Wash it off with a non-irritating soap and warm water to prevent irritation. And of course, brush your teeth!

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