“Healthy” Halloween! 10 Candy Alternatives for Your Family

October 30th, 2014 | Holiday, Nutrition and Health

You may recall our post from the beginning of the month discussing the scary truth about Halloween candy. As promised, we are back just a few days before the big night with a list of 10 healthy alternatives for your family and friends. Treats can be healthy – we’ll show you!


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#1: Trail mix. Opt for nuts, raisins, and of course… a little bit of chocolate!

#2: Chocolate covered raisins. They may be in the candy aisle, but they are certainly a bit healthier than M&Ms!

#3: Cereal bars, such as Nutrigrain Bars, are tasty and a great substitute for a candy bar.

#4: Gold fish crackers. Who doesn’t love the tasty snack that smiles back?

#5: Fruit gummies… made with REAL fruit juice.

#6: Pretzels. Just enough salt to tempt your child!

#7: Graham crackers. Whether you choose honey or chocolate, you can’t go wrong.

#8: Animal crackers – fun for all ages!

#9: Dark chocolate bites. Dark chocolate is much healthier than the standard milk chocolate variety.

#10: 100-calorie snack packs work well and are a favorite among kids.

BONUS TIP: Who says it needs to be food, anyways? Switch things up by passing out toys and trinkets. Think pirate eye patches, washable Halloween tattoos, Halloween stickers, etc.

Share this list with friends and family – spread the word! If everyone would partake in a healthier Halloween, we all may be able to enjoy a healthier life.

Do you have any “go-to” healthy Halloween choices? Please share with us in the comment section or find us on Twitter. We would love to hear from you – as well as our other readers!

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