Fitness Blogs We’re Loving

Rebecca Pacheco: The Om Gal

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  • Avid athlete and master yoga teacher, living in Boston.
  • Entertains with personal stories and style inspiration.
  • Rebecca’s witty sense of humor breaks the stereotypical “yoga master” mold.

Fitness Blender

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  • A husband and wife team offering training to people of all fitness levels.
  • Features an enormous library of full-length workout videos. Some videos are as long as 90-minutes.
  • Most workouts won’t require a large space or equipment.

Fit Bottom Girls

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  • Fitness isn’t the only topic. Fit Bottom Girls review technology, books, and clothing.
  • Whether you’re into hiking, yoga, strength training, or cardio- this blog will have post about it.
  • Features a section dedicated to restaurant dining tips. Dining out; that’s why we workout right?

Laruga Yoga: Peace Love Yoga

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  • She’s an American living in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Captivating photography and video. Her Instagram is also quite inspiring. Just watching her is bound to make you feel more balanced.
  • Features current topics and events within the world of yoga.

Nerd Fitness

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  • Delivers exactly what the title implies; a fitness blog with a healthy dose of nerdy-ness.
  • References sci-fi movies amidst insightful workout tips.
  • Steve doesn’t claim to be a fitness expert, only a guy who wants to help you feel better.

No Meat Athlete

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Lift Like A Girl

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  • Tips for building muscle and gaining strength.
  • Offers advice in serval formats; on the blog, podcasts, and on a growing YouTube channel.
  • Lift Like a Girl isn’t going to offer you “feel-good” motivation snippets. Nia Shanks provides what you really need: step by step routines to get you moving and seeing results.

Girls Gone Strong

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  • Girls Gone Strong (GGS) describes themselves as the women’s fitness authority.
  • Aside from fitness techniques, GGS features interesting and sometimes controversial articles. Topics include: the sexualization of women in fitness, and how to spot the signs of exercise addiction.
  • GGS is a good source for tips when it comes to exercising throughout a pregnancy.

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