Femmesil: Now Better Than Ever!

March 19th, 2011 | General News

I can’t believe how far we’ve come. It feels like just yesterday that we sold our first container of Terrasil. Now look at us! Our humble little company now offers Terrasil, Terrasil Max, Pedesil and Femmesil.

Over the years, we’ve been listening to the comments of our customers and women all around us in order to create exactly what you need. We’re here to restore balance and leave you feeling fresh and comfortable. As a result, we’ve made a few changes to Femmesil. We’ve developed a new and improved formula, created a new logo, new color scheme, new and much larger squeeze bottle and a new box. I keep an old version of the box on my desk next to the new one just so I can remind myself that although changes are being made, we’ll continue to have the words “all natural” on every product we make.

Femmesil’s unique mixture of Activated Minerals™ now contains magnesium oxide, zinc oxide and bentonite. Magnesium is an essential element for detoxification and to maintain the body’s natural self-cleansing system and zinc acts as a natural astringent and is necessary for skin regeneration and health.

I want to take a special minute to talk about bentonite, which is a form of clay derived from volcanic ash that has some amazing properties. Bentonite is like a powerful magnet/sponge mineral. Bentonite draws out toxins that are throwing off your feminine balance, absorbing them like a sponge and finally destroying them.

But why would we take ingredients from volcanic ash? Volcanoes are deeply rooted in the Earth and with their massive pressures and hot temperatures, they often contain many minerals and nutrients that non-volcanic areas aren’t able to produce; this is why volcanic soil is so often much more fertile than other soils, which tend to need additional fertilizer. It’s literally taking the natural nutrients and energy from the Earth and packing it into one material, 100% naturally. By incorporating bentonite, Femmesil not only draws out toxins, but also provides over a dozen trace minerals to aid in restoring feminine balance.

Nature provides us with so many tools for better health and skin, we’ve simply decided to go ahead and use them.

We’re always listening to our customers and we want to hear your feedback. Let us know how Femmesil worked for you. And be sure to visit Femmesil.com to read more about Femmesil and what other women across the world are saying about it.

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