Exercise May Lower Psoriasis Risk

June 4th, 2012 | Nutrition and Health, Psoriasis

Remember our list of 33 less-than-obvious things that affect your skin? Exercise was right near the top. Not only does physical activity strengthen skin and help reduce the signs of aging, but new research shows it may reduce your risk of developing psoriasis. Exercise and psoriasis are linked, according to this study.

Published in the Archives of Dermatology, this study reflects data from more than 80,000 women over a 10 year period. It shows that women who participated in over 100 minutes of vigorous physical activity a week — that means your heart better be pumping — showed the lowest risk of developing psoriasis. Exercise works!

Exercise and nutrition are absolutely necessary for healthy skin. One woman that I find a lot of great recipes from solved her severe skin issues by only changing her diet. Your skin is a depiction of your overall health. Even drinking more water can bring new life to your skin. Start treating it from the inside, too and you’ll likely notice dramatic differences!

Psoriasis Risk Lowered through Exercise

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