Coconut Oil for Razor Burn

February 28th, 2014 | Natural Remedies, Razor Burn

Ah, the many benefits of coconut oil.

It’s called a super ingredient for good reason, and is wonderful for your skin!

Coconut oil comes right from the meat of the coconut, which is dried. The oil is then extracted.

It’s a deep, long-lasting moisturizer that also allows your skin to breathe – and oxygen flow is essential for healthy, glowing skin.

Another coconut oil skin benefit is its ability to help you shed dead skin cells and reveal clearer, healthier skin underneath.

Did we mention it smells good, too? Unlike so many creams, lotions and other beauty products that contain artificial fragrances, coconut oil’s pleasant smell is all-natural! This helps you avoid possibility of bothersome side effects like irritation or inflammation from artificial fragrances.

In addition to just being plain old good for skin in general, it can calm and even help prevent some potentially nasty skin irritations like razor burn.

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What is Razor Burn?

Razor burn is really common – it’s a red, raised and bumpy rash that can appear after shaving. Pimples often crop up in the area, and the rash can become highly irritated and super uncomfortable. Razor burn is actually the hair curling over and growing back into the skin.

So what causes razor burn? Dull blades, dry shaving and bacteria on the razor can lead to razor burn and irritation.

How to Avoid Razor Burn

You’ve heard some of the benefits of coconut oil…well, it’s also killer for preventing bothersome razor burn. Here’s how:

  • Apply your favorite brand of coconut oil to your skin at the end of a warm shower, when the pores will be open
  • Tip: When choosing a coconut oil, go with an organic “virgin” coconut oil – the meat is hot air dried before oil is manually pressed out. It’s a natural process. Some other drying methods involve chemicals, so the dried coconut meat must be refined before the oil is actually extracted
  • Shave with a fresh razor for a closer shave, and to avoid introducing bacteria to open pores, whenever possible
  • Rinse and enjoy smoother, softer skin!

That’s it! Yes, really. The coconut oil conditions skin as you shave, and calms it when you’re done.

If you’d like, apply some more post-shaving to lock in that moisture and give skin a glow. Just don’t go overboard – a little goes a long way!

2 responses to “Coconut Oil for Razor Burn”

  1. daxton


    You are speaking of blade shaving. I prefer the electric. I do, at times, have redness and irritation. Would wonder if applying to face before electric shaving would be wise….thinking it may clog the cutting mechanism? Perhaps, after shaving would be best choice? Thanks!

  2. Bianca Scartabello


    Hi Daxton!

    You may be right about clogging the cutting mechanism, but to be sure I would call the manufacturer of your razor. Apply after may not be a bad idea – soothing!

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

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