Check Your Skin To Save Your Skin

October 31st, 2011 | General News

No one knows your own skin better than you — with your significant other coming in a close second for some. For most skin problems, whether it be acne, a cold sore, or even cancer, if you notice a problem and catch it early, it will be simpler to treat.

You don’t need to make an event out of checking your skin, you simply need to make yourself aware that you’re doing it. Every day as you’re taking a shower, moisturizing or getting dressed, pay a little extra attention to your skin. Since you already look at it each and every day, slight differences will be noticeable. Take note of any changes and if they worry you, act accordingly to prevent it from becoming a real problem.

Feel a little tingle on your lip? A cold sore could be forming — get relief.

Notice redness on your cheek? Could be acne or the start of a rash — get relief.

And don’t forget your ABCD’s when checking for skin cancer.

Asymmetry       Border Irregularity        Color is uneven        Diameter more than 6mm

Melanoma Asymmetry         Melanoma Border                 Melanoma Color                 Melanoma Diameter

Above images from American Melanoma Foundation

And don’t be offended if someone suggests that you should probably get something checked out by a doctor. That comment could very well save your life.

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