November Smoothie: Beet & Berry

November 11th, 2015 | Nutrition and Health, Recipe

Beets have long held a place in traditional Chinese medicine and folk medicine. They have been said to provide relief for ailments like fevers, restlessness and digestive issues. In Roman culture, the leaves of beets were used as coverings for wounds.

Along with the healthy benefits beets have to offer, beets thrive in cooler months, so that is why we have chosen to showcase a sweet, beet and berry smoothie this month.


If you are not familiar with beets, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • There are several varieties of beet. For this smoothie, we will use a “common beet”.
  • Beets are dense, and sometimes difficult to prepare due to their hardness. At the market, choose small to medium size beets. If you are unsure if your blender can handle raw beets, you may want to steam the beets to soften them before adding to your smoothie.
  • Make sure your beet looks healthy; no spots or punctures to the skin.
  • Look for beets that have their leaves still attached at the top. The leaves are tasty and can be added to the smoothie for extra nutrients.
  • The Recipe

    Beets pack more nutrition before they are cooked. So, if possible keep the beet raw. Chop one small to medium beet in to small cubes. If your beet has greens on the top; roughly chop, then add to your blender with the following ingredients:

    1 cup frozen strawberries
    1 banana
    ½ avocado
    1 cup of coconut water
    3 tablespoons of lemon juice
    3 – 4 ice cubes

The Benefits

  • Beets are cleansing for your liver and blood.
  • Help to reduce inflammation associated with heart disease.
  • Great source of folic acid. A healthy dose of folic acids promotes fertility in both, men and women.
  • Some evidence has shown a link between low levels of folate and depression. If you’re feeling blue, try adding more folate rich foods to your diet.

This smoothie offers a sweet take on beets. Even if you are generally not a fan of beets, this smoothie may change your tune.

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